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I chose It Works, because I personally believe in Being The Best You That You Can Be. I struggled with weight after a car accident. I finally lost 85 pounds. But it wasn't until, I set small goals and came to the understanding that anything you do in life, must start with the mind then become a lifestyle.Not a fad! My goal is that all people are made whole from the inside out and find that ballance in life. It Works, If You Work It!  I am a Author "Broken But Not Destroyed" By Michele S. Moore and  a full time mom of five teenagers as well in full time Ministry. It's important that we find our pocket in life and work it. You will only become successful to what you put your mind to and believe. I believe in you. So let's do this thing! Why? Because IT WORKS! Remember Loyalty is where it's at. Loyal customer💚 SAVE MONEY 💸 Let me show you ways to not only afford your products, but work it 😉 If your looking to become a distributor of these amazing products AND save let me know. It's an amazing company and your never alone. It works pushes you for success to be a BETTER YOU!  

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